10 Quick Mood Boosters!

Yellow and Black Mood Cool Hype Square Laptop Sticker 3 pdf

Some days we just find ourselves in foul humour and that is ABSOLUTELY ok. Other days you’ll want quick mood boosters! All feelings are valid and nobody is happy 100% of the time.

There are days you’ll want to wallow and watch your favourite movie and eat all of the chocolate and there are days you’ll want to quickly snap out of it!

This post is for the snap out of it days!

Here are 10 quick ways to boost your mood…

  1. List 10 things you’re grateful for (my favourite gratitude journal from Leanún Designs for everyday use can be found here
  2. List your strengths
  3. List three things you’ve achieved that you’re proud of
  4. Go for a walk, even if you don’t want to
  5. Listen to your some of your favourite upbeat music
  6. Call a friend
  7. List the people you’re grateful for
  8. Declutter your space
  9. Do something nice for someone you love
  10. Smile and laugh (Laughter is an instant mood booster!)