“I went to Anna April 2019. I had been thinking of changing career directions for years… But something was always holding me back.. .
Anna helped me figure out that it was my fear of failure that was underlying keeping me from taking action and starting my course.

A year and a half later… I am nearly qualified and I love my new career path.
I would highly recommend Anna. She is a natural people person. Makes you feel comfortable instantly and helps you see the wood for the trees. Thank you Anna”


“I was so lucky to experience coaching with Anna through a very low point in my life. She helped me piece back together and learn to believe in myself and my beliefs. So much so I went and chased after my dreams and I am doing exactly what I want now. A coaching session with Anna is a great help and she always guides you on the right path. I’m glad I was able to be given the chance to do it “


“I went to see Anna last year not knowing what to expect. At the time, I was extremely unfulfilled in my career but I didn’t know what to do, or how to get out of it. I felt stuck there. Anna gave me the confidence and also made me realize my potential.
We worked on the ‘Wheel of Life’ which I found so beneficial. It made me realize areas of my life where I wasn’t happy and what I could do to fix them.
I couldn’t recommend Anna enough, she was genuine, smart, non-judgmental and was an excellent support. I didn’t have to change my life drastically, I just had to take small baby steps to improve on areas which ultimately led to me living a happier and more peaceful life”


“I feel like when I’m being coached by Anna that I am being helped by a friend. I would recommend Anna to anyone as she really cares about you and just wants the best for you.
I have come so far with Anna’s help and if she can help me be so happy and confident, I think she can help anyone!”


“I worked with Anna for 4 sessions in early 2019 and so many things have changed in my life since.
I changed job which was my original goal but I also I really want to thank Anna for giving me the tools to find my confidence in myself again
She is an amazing coach.”


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