Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a chance to understand yourself at a much deeper level,
when you understand yourself everything becomes easier

Teen & Young Adult Coaching

One in six students drop out of college in Ireland each year, with this in mind, Anna works with 2nd and 3rd level students to ensure they find their own unique path

Career Coaching

As a Career Coach, Anna works with individuals who may be just starting their career or feeling unfulfilled in their current position and are seeking a change


Anna understands that finding someone you can trust with personal struggles can be difficult. It can feel like a vulnerable position to put yourself in. She knows and understand this – she’s been there! Clients reach out to her when they need non-judgemental support from someone approachable and impartial, working both face-to-face and online

The first step is booking a quick free consultation with Anna and she promises you’ll feel at ease and step one will be done!


About ANNA

Anna is a Life, Career and Teen Coach based in Co. Cork, Ireland. She has a Masters in Personal and Management Coaching from University College Cork.

Anna is highly dedicated to the development of her clients. She finds the work extremely motivating and rewarding. Anna is patient, compassionate and honest and she strives to empower her clients to make long lasting changes in their lives.

Some of the most common issues that she helps her clients with include career progression, work life balance, mindfulness and well-being and overcoming barriers to success.

About Anna Lehane Life & Personal Coach


Online coaching isn’t any different from having in-person sessions – aside from the much shorter commute to the virtual office.

Online coaching gives you a rare opportunity to work with a coach from wherever your location. Research has shown us time and time again that Coaching online works just as well, if not better than in person! It has endless benefits, such as being coached from the comfort of your own home, no traffic, parking issues or travel costs, no geographical barriers and of course reduces carbon footprint!

Online sessions are done using Zoom or Google Meet in the comfort of your own home. Every session will include a customised action plan just for you!



I was so lucky to experience coaching with Anna through a very low point in my life. She helped me piece back together and learn to believe in myself and my beliefs. So much so I went and chased after my dreams and I am doing exactly what I want now. A coaching session with Anna is a great help and she always guides you on the right path. I’m glad I was able to be given the chance to do it


I feel like when I’m being coached by Anna that I am being helped by a friend. I would recommend Anna to anyone as she really cares about you and just wants the best for you.
I have come so far with Anna’s help and if she can help me be so happy and confident, I think she can help anyone!


Anna has been a great help with work, relationship and life dilemmas, and gives great advice without any of the judgement. She is very sympathetic to the experience of being in your 20s and provides uncomplicated and effective ways to move past problems. It was such a boost to work out solutions to tough situations with Anna.

Anna is a talented, professional and friendly coach with a great capacity to listen and make you reflect on your thoughts. In just a few sessions, she enabled me to actively reflect on my issues around perfectionism and find ways of reframing how I see things to adopt a more constructive perspective. By adopting this different mindset, I progressively but naturally moved into action in my daily life to stop constantly being driven by perfectionism. It makes a difference every day.
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Anna’s calendar tends to book a few weeks in advance, please join the waitlist below and a member of the team will be in touch. Thank you!