Career Coaching

Why Career Coaching?

Are you looking for some career clarity? Maybe you’re daydreaming about doing something completely different for a living? Looking to change but have no idea where or how to start? Change can be daunting and sometimes we stay put or make excuses because it feels easier, instead of taking action.

Anna works with clients who want a change but don’t know how or where to start. Clients who want more from their career but aren’t quite sure what more is! 

Sound familiar? If so, Career Coaching with Anna could be just what you need! Career Coaching is your chance to figure out exactly what you want from your career. 

How Does It Work?

Career Coaching can look different for each client as each client will be facing their own unique career challenge. For this reason, Anna designs a bespoke Career Coaching package for each client. Anna works with clients to establish exactly what barriers they may be facing and supports the client in breaking down these barriers.

Anna oftens works with Career Coaching clients to discover what the clients values are, what motivated them, what skills and more importantly what transferable skills they may have.

The coaching client can expect support as they work towards their own individual career goals, whatever they may be! Anna coaches from a place of understanding and with great empathy, she herself has made some big career changes in recent years so she understands it can be a trying time. You can learn more about Anna here.

Anna provides both online and face-to-face coaching. She also provides the client with self-reflection work specific to their individual needs and supports the client between sessions.

Coaching Clients Can Expect Help With the Following:

  • Establishing a new career path 
  • Finding out what more you can get from your career
  • Support in career transitions
  • Breaking down career barriers 
  • Confidence in work 
  • Identifying skills and strengths
  • Identifying values
  • CV support 
  • Interview preparation
The coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length, and typically a client will engage in 4 to 6 sessions.